AI is not a competitive advantage

4th Mar 2024

The title is controversial. Generative AI will become widespread and adopted. Now, there are some short-term advantages to leaders adopting summarization, generated copy, images, etc, into workflows.

Give it a year and this first mover advantage will disappear as the tools become widespread. Similar tools generating the similar copy, with little differentiation. Meetings transcribed and insights extracted. Don't get me wrong, I want you to progress these tools quickly, and use a test and learn approach.

So, where's the differentiation? How you feed AI. This is where digital leaders are going to start to jump leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. The more context AI is given, the higher the success that can be created. This happens in two ways: the data for grounding and the model.

The data for grounding is the customer data you feed into a prompt when asking the AI a question. The richer data is, the better AI will tailor and craft its answer. This is obvious: feed it my Amazon history and you have a better sense of what comes next than no guidance. Add on top of that IoT or usage data and things go deeper.

The model. Today's models are generic. The future lies in adapted / created models for specific purposes whose training set is your organizations data. What if that recommendation wasn't just trained on my order history but everyone's order history? What if it knew the buying patterns and when shipments were next arriving? The higher the quality of the model training and its ability to use it is key.

So, no, AI won't create the differentiation long term. What you feed it and how you use it will. Don't be a 'me too': get your data sorted now. This is priority one, two and three.

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