Mulesoft is wider than Salesforce

17th May 2024

Mulesoft is one of the fastest growing Salesforce products. At OSF, we're excited about this having been in the ecosystem for a while. Some recent announcements show just how far the product is going, well beyond its Salesforce parent to help businesses, no matter what their technology.

Here's the two big announcements recently that I think are pretty cool:

1: Universal API Management: now, Mulesoft doesn't just manage APIs that are built on its platform. You can use Universal API Management to manage ANY API across a business. Whether it's a custom built microservice, Azure based services or AWS, they can all be managed, secured, and understood under Universal API Management.

2: Mulesoft Direct for Industry Clouds: this is a nice evolution. Not as exciting maybe as the universal management, but still very nice. Now, there are direct, pre-built integrations where Salesforce industry clouds connect to industry leading solutions, out the box. They can be started and connected directly in the Salesforce platform, and then they can be modified and tuned inside the Mulesoft Anypoint platform. This allows customers to go further out the box, within their industry context and needs.

The point here is how Mulesoft is not just a puppet product of Salesforce. It is still and continues to evolve as a leading integration platform that customers can use whether they use the rest of the Salesforce platform, or not. Salesforce customers get an accelerated benefit because of its prebuilt integrations to the normal products as well as the industry clouds mentioned above. Salesforce also use Mulesoft themselves internally, to help power product like Data Cloud.

Finally, there have been pricing change recently to a more usage-based model, and this is fuelling a lot of interest from businesses looking for their next move, or more simply: get control of their own ecosystem.

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