Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) and Billing from Salesforce

14th March 2024

Revenue Lifecycle Management I spoke about a few months ago. It's a new set of tooling from Salesforce to look after revenue throughout the entire lifecycle from quote to fulfilment and money in.

One of the first questions from our customers was whether this newer technology works well with the previous versions of CPQ and Billing. Billing in particular can be quite a challenging area with a lot needed to transfer from RLM into billing for successful deployments.

As this was a frequent question OSF has now developed an interoperability layer between the new RLM functionality and the existing billing functionality. This is made up of two main components - our Order Defaults Service and Order Connection Service. If you know your RLM/CPQ and Billing, then I am sure this will be of interest to you!

There are some limitations that we can discuss with customers such as usage, buy now plus a few things need to be enabled for it to work. However, we expect as the products develop, we'll be able to iron out these limitations in the future.

So, the message is clear - don't be afraid of RLM when it comes to working with existing products, especially billing, as OSF can help solve these issues. It's a frequent issue in software generally when new versions come out and more modern technology emerges, there needs to be smart solutions to ensure things continue to work together seamlessly.

This is one the reasons I like working at OSF, we have a ton of people that are curious and committed to figuring issues out that our customers bring to us, and we do so effectively due to that talent and attitude combination.

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