Salesforce launches Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

22nd Feb 2024

Salesforce will release a new product: Marketing Cloud Growth edition.

This product is built on Salesforce's core platform. This is different to the existing Marketing Cloud Engagement product, which is a previous acquisition of a company called ExactTarget. By bringing this product onto the platform, it can benefit from all the platform features that power other products, such as flow, data cloud and Einstein 1, the upcoming AI platform.

The tool is currently pitched as an entry level email and SMS marketing tool which can execute marketing journeys and decision-based flows. In that way it is like Marketing Cloud Engagement, like a little sibling. Salesforce is dubbing it 'Small Business Growth Marketing', indicating it is firmly targeted at a more SMB audience, and a compete to the likes of MailChimp or Klaviyo: especially if the customer already uses Salesforce CRM.

One of Salesforce's long criticisms has been that it hasn't often fully integrated its acquisitions onto its core platform, creating some disconnect in the ability to execute 'as a platform'. This, combined with the new Revenue Lifecycle Management and B2B/D2C Commerce, also shows a medium-term strategy of creating new options for customers to execute these functions on platform using all the same core features they know and love.

Expect this product to mature relatively quickly and add features to bring it closer to its older sibling. For Marketing Cloud in particular, the connection to data cloud and Einstein 1 are the keys here. The ability to push specific data into campaigns, to use the AI tooling soon to be released on the core platform to write new campaign messaging, generate images, personalise at scale: this is all very exciting.

Don't believe me? Watch the demo and tell me what you think. This is one to watch.

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