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I’m a technology executive, cadet officer and family man. I write here about self mastery: how it relates to success in the technology business and life. My business interests are what I would call normal: SME sized business, property, investments, etc. You’ll find no startups or unicorns here. I write in a straightforward way that not everyone will appreciate. I hope you’re one of the ones that do.

Latest writing

  • Everyday carry of a technology executive

    Everyday Carry for an effective exec

    Rob Smith
    Part of being an effective executive (to use a Peter Drucker term) is being able to be adaptable and ready for the vast majority of business meetings, sessions, encounters and so on. You should be able to pick up your bag and leave without having to think about what needs to be in it 99%…
  • A little screwing goes a long way

    Rob Smith
    Think you’re above doing DIY inside your business? Think that those little things aren’t making a difference to morale? Think again my friend.
  • Quarry Sunset

    Why walking solves problems

    Rob Smith
    A revelation that walking for no particular reason can generate a lot of high quality thinking that can solve, or at least progress many problems.