A little screwing goes a long way

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We moved into our current office at Blueleaf as the previous building we were in was desired to be used by one company only, yet we had around a quarter of the space. We moved (due to a generous offer from the Bolesworth Estate to help us along the way) and moved to where we are now. The building is due for renovation into flexible office space (akin to a ‘WeWork’ style space) and so the current space is a little tired. We’ve been putting up with it for a while but with the renovation not yet started, some things needed attention.

That long pre amble gets us to a simple job that had been annoying me for ages. The front door handles were a little loose and wobbled as you pulled them. I probably use those handles at least twice a day while I’m there as do a lot of the team (there’s a lot of walking sessions from the office). Multiply this by days, weeks, months and years and wobbly handles can have a profound effect on the office experience. Or at least I think so. It was driving me mad.

So rather than contact Bolesworth who will send out a handyman at some point who will probably not have the right stuff with them and two months later and many questions, calls and emails later I just fixed them myself. Dead simple tightening of some screws and a few additional ones where some were missing.

Now, every day I go through the doors, I’m happy the handle feels solid. The rest of the team might not even notice, and I’m not going to put a team message in Slack about door handles. I’ll know. It’s set me off on the path of a lot of minor improvements that I hope will generally raise the standard of the office space even if it’s temporary until the redevelopment starts. Signage, painting a few walls, taking a load of stuff to the tip and so on.

Are there small areas in your business that are driving you mad, but aren’t changing or progressing? Or even at home, you know you should of just painted that little bit of wall or replaced that light fitting?  Keeping on top of the small things makes a bit long term difference. Like the frog boiling slowly in the water, letting them slide for too long has the same effect on the environments you’re in.

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